Orkanens Rottweiler Breeder

Experienced Swedish Rottweiler breeder

Presentation and goal

We that are responsible for the Kennel, Eva and Magnus Ryhle, live along with our dogs
in Klippan that lies in northwestern Skåne.

The Goal with our breeding

It is to breed healthy dogs with, for the breed, a typical mentality and exterior.
Our breading dogs come from well-known European and German bloodlines.
As breeders and dog lovers we are very anxious about our dogs, puppies and our puppy-buyers.

Our puppies are brought up in home environment with great care. Our puppies always have a very good start in life.
They start their social training at the age of three weeks age. They are accustomed to everything that exists in a normal
home environment. They have been taken for walks outdoors and they have been riding in a car twice.
Everything to make their moving as smooth as possible.

To purchase of a puppy

Our Puppies are delivered in the following manner:
  • Registered in the Swedish Kennel club.
  • Having been declared ok in a veterinary inspection.
  • Vaccinated, identification chipped, dewormed.
  • Concealed sicknesses insured.
  • Information that we, during the years, have put together and written down.
    Containing the most frequently asked questions.
  • Our telephone number that you are urged to dial as often as you want to. There are no stupid questions!
    We rather you first dial us, if we decide that we cannot help you we will say so and refer you futhermore.

Follow-ups of the puppies lives after the relocation to the new home

We are very interested in seeing how the puppies develop. Therefore we offer:
  • Free of charge puppy training from approx. 14 weeks age to approx. 6 month age.
  • Puppy (and sometimes adult dogs) meetings / get together.
  • X-rays for the whole litter.
  • Mental young dogs test for the whole litter.
  • Training for dog shows and other kinds of training when needed.