About Eva

Educated SBK dog trainer, Dog physiotherapist and Immi-Instructor

I am educated to be an Immi-Instructor for dogs and owners (IMMI=dog trainers with soft ideology according
to Anders Hallgrens methods). The course lasted for seven months.
I am educated to be a SBK dog trainer (SBK= The Swedish Working dog Club).
I am an educated helper at Swedish mental test.
I am an educated dog’s physiotherapist. The education takes two years and includes, among other things, the dog’s
anatomy, knowledge of bones and muscles. It even includes alternative treatment of dogs like electricity therapy, laser
treatment and even a small part of acupuncture and homeopathic.

I grew up with several mixed-race dogs and all of them had hunting dog in them which led to problems with disappearing
dogs. But then my parents bought a Boxer named Bimbo and he was wonderful and intelligent.
Therefore I looked to buy a boxer as my first owned dog.
But after a long time of searching I ended up with a Rottweiler female named Kasai.
I love the mentality of the Rottweiler – it fits me like a hand in the glove.
I can honestly say that I never regretted my choice of breed.

Every one of the dogs that have come in to my life has touched me and meant a lot to me.
Every one of them has given me a lot and therefore I owe them a big thank you!