About Magnus

Educated instructor with 30 years worth of dog experience

I am an educated instructor in The Swedish Working dog Club.
I am authorized to be the leader during Swedish Mental test.
I have also taken different special courses like tracking, in the Swedish working dog club.
I have taken different courses in The Swedish Kennel Club (SKK) like for example genetics.

I started to work with dogs in the late seventies. My first dog of my own was a German Sheppard bitch called Nilla.
My parents have always had German Sheppard at home so I guess you can say that I have never been without a German Sheppard in my life.
The Rottweiler of today is as good as the German Sheppard regarding working ability, and besides that, they have the ability
to relax in any environment or situation no matter how high tempered they may be in a working situation.