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Created 2011-09-12
Rottweiler Swedish working championships 2011 Orkanens Quando-Quax came in second place and Orkanens Quila-Qwista came in third!!!


Created 2011-08-21
Orkanens Quando Quax came in fifth place in the Swedish Championships all breeds !!!!


Created 2011-05-31
Orkanens Quando Quax is now ready for the Swedish championship by taking another first place.

may 14-15

Created 2011-05-31
Swedish rottweiler IPO championship: Orkanens Oops the Outlaw came second and is now ready for the 2011 world chapionship in Italy.


Created 2011-05-31
Orkanens Juva Jelsa won a tracking kontest and now competes in the next higer class


Created 2011-04-28
Orkanens Uzeb United "Zeb" has recived the award "2010 Heroric achievment award for rottweiler" for his daily work as police dog and being a worthy representitive for the rottweiler breed